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Hello. So this page should contains who I am, right? :-)

I'm Sebastian Wieseler, 21 years old, Germany. At the moment I study computer science at Ilmenau -- 50° 40' 53.7'' N and 10° 56' 00.6'' E.





Summary of my 'life'

This is a short (mostly technically) summary; no need to be complete.

I have made experiences with GNU/Linux since SuSE Linux 7.0 (linux-2.2.18 I think). I've learned much but I'm not perfect *g*.

I wrote a privat webpage for myself, then I joined a programmer crew and began to learn more about C++ but not much. I helped these people to manage the Apache server, the MySQL Database and wrote the new crew-page in PHP4 and HTML 4.01 Strict with them. With these guys I learned much about firewalls and their usage.

At the beginning of the school-year 2003/2004 I worked on a project for the school under the use of XHTML 1.1, PHP 4 and CSS 2 - kernel-project.

In spring 2005 I started to learn CLISP and since summer of the same year I've worked for the GNU Savannah administration team.

In the end of 2005 I started this project - Nanofortnight - and then worked on the pi-calculator.

One year later I work in the Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronischer Medien (FeM) at the TU Ilmenau with several electronic devices.

Used architecture

  • x86 since 1995 (Pentium 100)
  • sparc64 since 2004 (Sun's Workstation)
  • PPC since 2005 (Apple's Powerbook)

Used operating systems

If I don't name it somewhere, all of them are used on x86 architectures.

Systems which I use on at least one computer:

  • Win (don't let me list all of them)
  • SuSE since version 7.0
  • Debian GNU/Linux since Woody r1
  • Gentoo Linux since (I guess) 2004.0 (x86 and sparc64)
  • Slackware since (I guess) 9.0
  • OpenBSD since 3.6 (on a sparc64 only)
  • MacOS X since Tiger (on a PCC only ;))

Systems which I used but never installed permanently:

  • Knoppix
  • Kanotix
  • Mandrake (shortly, didn't run on a laptop)
  • Ubuntu
  • Edubuntu (taught children on the Kinderkult trade fair 2008)

Learned programming languages

Programming languages:

  • Prolog (@school) - base knowledge
  • Oberon (@school) - good knowledge
  • C (since 2006) - base knowledge
  • C++ (since 2001) - base knowledge
  • Common Lisp (since 2005) - base knowledge
  • QBasic (since 2005) - base knowledge
  • Java (since 2006, @university) - base knowledge
  • Haskell (since 2007, @university) - base knowledge

Web based languages:

  • PHP (since 2003) - master knowledge
  • XHTML (since 2003) - master knowledge
  • CSS (since 2003) - master knowledge

Shell based languages:

  • SH, BASH (since 2004) - master knowledge

Other languages:

  • LaTeX (since 2004) - base knowledge


I was on some events. You could met me on the:


This list needn't to be complete, but I want to have a try to list some here.

External projects

  • since 2002 until 2004
    • I worked there as a Mod Nurse or Regular
  • since 2003 until 2006
    • my old school website, where I become a chiefe webmaster later
  • since 2005 until 2008
    • I adminstrate the MediaWiki and do the whole regular stuff
  • since 2005
    • There I am a member of the administration group with some privileges and help most of my time out with project approvels
  • since 2005
    • there I'm member of the webadmins with some privileges
  • since 2006 until 2008
    • I was one of the administrators there
  • FeM since 2006
    • member of the technical team
    • member of the administration team; one of the admins of house A
    • member of the Kinderkult team (2008)

My own projects


GnuPG key

sebastian@leitplanke:~$ gpg --fingerprint 784F57DB
pub   1024D/784F57DB 2003-08-13
      Key fingerprint = 9419 99BC 22E3 5459 13DC  E4B3 E33D B004 784F 57DB
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler <>
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler <>
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler <>
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler <>
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler (TU Ilmenau student) <>
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler (Jabber Account) <>
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler (Member of the Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.) <>
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler (Member of the Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.) 
uid                  Sebastian Wieseler (Member of support team) <>
sub   2048g/8729C107 2003-08-13

You can get it via several keyservers or via mail from me - just ask.

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