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On this page we discuss or publish information about the next meeting of the Chaos Meeting Nordhausen.


Sebastian will talk about an undefined topic. But hopefully it would be kinda interesting. Let us have a try!

General Instructions for the meeting

At first, please write a mail to chaos-nordhausen --AT-- kickino --DOT-- org if you would like to take part in the meeting.

And then join us:

  • Herder-Gymnasium Nordhausen
  • around 14.00 C(E)ST -- if nobody is there then please wait (a little bit)!
  • room 209

What you should take with you to the meeting:

  • Your own brain
  • Your own knowledge
  • Your own opinion

And what you shouldn't:

  • Your PC/Laptop/PMA (if it is not necassary)
  • Any questions about a cool WIN feature - you will loose