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This page was about the Chaos Meeting in Nordhausen.

Who we are

This meeting included three (main) members:

And sometimes (when they had time):

  • Carsten
  • Christian

When the meeting was

Almost every second friday, we meet each other at the Herder-Gymnasium Nordhausen around 14:00 room 209.


If you want to take part in this meeting feel free to mail us. We have got a mailing list.

You can also find our mailing list archives there.


(chronologically; overview)

Presentation Author Date
Biometry Sebastian
DNS (Domain Name System) Markus
Walk through the college including a visit of the local cluster Carsten 2005-07-22
Installing the Hurd on one school PC Pascal 2005-08-26
Processor architectures Pascal 2005-09-16
LaTeX Sebastian 2005-09-30
Virtualising (In the world of VMware, Plex86, VirtualMachine and Co.) Markus 2005-12-09
Pi Pascal 2006-01-06
Jabber - The new way to meet friends Sebastian 2006-03-31
VoIP Pascal 2006-04-028

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